The EA MONEY PIT that is called, The Sims 3

User Rating: 7 | The Sims 3 PC
over the years I have purchased The Sims and just about every single expansion pack. I looked forward to the nextgen Sims 3 with great enthusiasm. Once released, I discovered that EA has lost it's soul and has demonstrated one of the vilest disrespectful moves AGAINST it's customer base base to ever come down the computer game pipeline.

Yes, The Sims 3 has got more game than TS2 and the open world is fantastic to play, but WHERE IS ALL THE CONTENT??? I could not believe that EA would pull such a ruthless, greedy stunt to give us a game with a skeleton's closet of content for $50!!!

Oh, you want more content, like even the standard stuff that was in the base game of TS2, go to the EA store and buy it with real world money!

They have turned The Sims franchise into MONEY-PIT!!! I assure you, the $50 you sepent on the game will not be the last $50 you spend on it if EA has it's way and customers do not complain about how EA is classically gouging it's customer base.

It's a great game, and though they have skimped on some important features from TS2, it rises high and above the old sim versions, but try to get your content from the independent Custom Content Creators, not from the EA Store, unless needed to support the independent custom content, or I guarantee, before EA gets through with you, you will have spent hundreds of dollars more just to get a decent catalog of base game content! I've already spent $50 for the game and another $40 to bring it up to speed with some half way decent content - that's a $90 game --- SO FAR!