better than sims 2

User Rating: 9 | The Sims 3 PC
First of all this game is awesome , plenty of character in town you can see all the time and no lame loading time, cause the town is moving on when you play it. Player may choose the other household to play on while the last household you have played doesn't freeze like sims 2.
There are also some options to on/off aging, keep the story progression / not and the lifespan(short,normal,long).

And you will find some new feature in sims 3 like lifetime happiness that can increase when you're doing what your sims wants and have a green mood. The needs is less because EA has deleted the needs of comfort and environment so you can focus on your sim skills or relationship.

Most important thing , there is no more zodiac here , change by traits like Kleptomania(you do know it right?) , Couch Potato(very lazy bum), Ambitious, Lucky, and a lot more.

And for the transportation you can buy your own bike or car (but after you get your license).

This game has a town with plenty of facilitation but still not enough because we can see inside of theater or athletic building. Nice game it really is worth the wait