What I want to see in The Sims 4

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I've played sims 3 hundreds of hours, it's a game i enjoy a lot, however there are so many things the game lacks and here's my list: Number 1: Career changes - Seriously, this is something which needs to be updated, I'm not talking about careers such as "fireman" or anything, just regular jobs. First and foremost, I'd love to see more playable jobs, lawyer, investment banking, and other industri-specific jobs. Which shouldn't be difficult to add. Second, I'd like to see a new pay system along with new job titles (This is just to make it more realistic but the titles aren't very important). What I mean by a new pay system is; higher salaries for high-end jobs, a CEO in sims 3 makes around 200 or something an hour, this could be changed drastically to correspond real life salaries more accurately. However, the salaries should not only depend on the job title, but should also depend on who you work for and prefferably your previous experiences. E.g Someone who's been a CEO at a medium-large Corporation and then gets hired by a larger corporation (experience) should recieve perhaps X- thousand per hour or more even. But! These high-paying jobs, the absolute best jobs that is, should not be as easy to reach as in sims 3. Perhaps one could implement a system in which the player has to actually do something, maybe fire and hire people to increase productivity, make sure workers do their job and consider important things such as expansion and the likes. Just something to make it a bit more rewarding and challenging. Also, career-changes has to be reamped, if you've been a CEO and you go into politics, you should not start out as a podium polisher, that just doesn't make much sense. Number two: The monetary system I've already briefly touched on this subject regarding salaries for high-end jobs. But the entire economy-system has to be worked on a lot. Once you've made a lot of money in sims 3 which you've probably invested you can get (and I did) +100k a week from just investments. After you've built a home, a vacation home or three and such there's really not much more to spend it on. Thus making work rather uninteresting and unrewarding, therefore I think the prices has to be changed, a large house SHOULD (depending on location) cost a whole lot more than it does in Sims 3. Also, clothes and accesories should cost money. There should be more clothes, more accesories and a price system so you divide it into four categories: Cheap, average, priecy and very expensive, thus creating an easy way for your sims to make use of their money and also making work and money more rewarding than it has been. Real estate and regular investment should be more complex, but not too complex. Real estate markets should exists so that one could alter the price of ones house, by for example, making the garden look better or updating rooms. Thus the price of the house so increase, not decrease, then one would be able to purchase and invest in property as it's currently something you always loose money on, and why not add a price increase, maybe... 1-3% a week? As for investment, just make it a bit more complex, perhaps the value of the corporation which one chooses to invest in shouldn't remain static? It should go up and down, and you should be able to make it go up and down by, for example; fireing uneffective members of the staff and then hiring more suitable people. This means the player will have work a bit more actively to keep his wallet growing. Another thing, probably the most important thing in my opinion: The ability to start your own bussiness, you could do it in one of the sims 2 expansions and it worked quite well. Expand upon the idea, make expansion of your bussiness possible and it would be great. You can withdraw the amount of cash you want from the profits you presumably made and grow, do marketing whatever. It would be quite interesting, especially now that sims 3 (and the new one, most likely) is an open world game, it would make it much more entertaining. Oh and loans! Why can't people take loans in sims? It feels quite weird, being the CEO of a 'mega corporation' living in a small 20-30k house, and then you have to work for many many sim years in order to get a 100-200k house. Loans should be income-based, for example, if you make 10k/week you could take a loan based off of your life-expectancy, say, 40 weeks, thus the amount you can lend would be 400k. This of course has to be repaid with a realistic interest rate of around 5% a week. Doing this would allow you to get the house you want in a more realistic time-span. If loans aren't repaid then the "IRS" could just seize the house or something. 3) Overall things I'd love to see much larger cities in which one can live, the ability to purchase more than one property in the same region, and the ability to move between regions. For example I'd like to have a house in a ranch which I can live in on the weekends while on weekdays (working in the city) I can stay at my flat, this would also enable real-estate investments. The graphics doesn't need to be upped much imo, but they should be slightly more realistic, but not too realistic of course, just a bit less cartooney. Making the game a bit less cartooney overall wouldn't hurt either imo, but I suppose the younger players might not appreciate that as much. All these changes adds more complexity and challenge to the game. The core of the game should be the same of course, but it should be more demanding for those who want a challenge and more realism. Implementing these proposed changes wouldn't really change the game for those who just wants to raise a family and toy around with their kids, it would only make it more realistic for those who wants it. Aside from that, kids could also learn from this, they might understand a bit more about what it means to take a loan, to invest, to do things in work, etc. That's about it for me and I'd love to hear your opinions and ideas and cudos if you actually read it all. =) // VeniVidiVici
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All of those are pretty interesting.

I don't really agree with your first one however.  My doctor is making almost 3k+ an hour, and soon enough she'll be making more than that.  The longer you stay with the job, the more raises you'll get.  I can see maybe increasing the base pay for each job tier, but there isn't really a problem with it right now.  Especially since you even said later in your post that money becomes absolete.


I think the real estate needs to be changed as well.  One thing I'd like to see is have checks mailed to you when available so you don't have to go to each property or venue you own to collect the money.  It's annoying to go to each place because if you own all the community lots, job buildings, and venues, you're going to spend a long time collecting that money.


It would be nice to have a shopping mall for clothes, but EA seems to really lack creativity in their clothing ideas.  -ESPECIALLY- for male clothing.  Women are better, but the clothing options for them could improve as well.  So really, I'd be happy if the Sims 4 brought better clothing and accessory ideas, and better shoes. 


Another thing that would be nice to see is if the world had more customization.  You can't change the roads, and in order to change some of the terrain you have to create a lot and hope that the lot fits without some sort of cheat.


Last, but not least... I'd honestly like to see more realistic sims personally.

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Here are my suggestions: Sim Creation: 1. Remove the hair slider feature, it's so damn useless and it's taking up space. The hair colors should only be: Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Blond, Albino Blond, Orange, Red and White 2. Eye color should only be: black, gray, blue, light blue, green, red and purple 3. Body colors and sliders are fine. Keep them. 3. Keep all the face and body slider features. Add: muscle sliders: men's should be significantly bigger but keep it realistic. shoulder sliders: men and women breast slider for women nipple slider for men: have you seen those muscle guys with different nipples or those fat guys? yeah, that hip slider and waist slider for men and women leg slider and thigh slider for men and women height slider for men and women 4. Better and more hair styles and clothes - more shorts and tank tops please. More casual clothes also please. 5. More complex traits. I really love the genius traits because it has more to it than just faster logic gains and occasional genius actions. It has "contemplating surroundings" and other actions that are unique to genius trait. Traits should now be sliders but there should be trait points as to how much the player can input. If a child grows up well, the Sim will have more trait points. Say, we have a genius slider. If it's below 3, the Sim is an idiot. If it's between 3 - 5, he's dumb. If it's 6 - 8, he's smart. if it's 9 - 10, he's a genius. There should be corresponding uniqueness to every category. Other traits examples are: Articulate, Athletic, Observant, Learner (replaces Book Worm), Charismatic, Computer Whiz, etc. 6. I don't really care about Sim's favorites, they're kinda useless. But Sim's bio should be kept though. It's for story purposes. 7. Body hair for males and boob slider for females should be kept. Tattoos should be kept too. Aging: 1. Babies 2. Toddlers 3. Kids 4. Young Teens (smaller teens, I know 10 - 12 is not really Teens but wth, this is Sims and I don't know what to call them.) 5. Teens (13 - 17 years old) 6. Late Teens (18 - 21. Sims are now allowed to go to College) 7. Young Adults (after they graduated college. They are no longer allowed to go to College) 8. Adults 9. Late Adults (hair starts becoming white, wrinkled skin) 10. Elders I would really love it if we have college in town. Maps: Not really required but I would really love it if towns were designed like the one in Sim City. Like Bridgeport is over here and Riverview is over there and Twinbrook is somewhere here. I'm not a fan of being able to visit other cities because it might add up to the RAM. I don't know but if they find a way to do that while not taking up too much space then why not. Also, would be cool if the towns were more unique. Like say, Sunset Valley should stay the way it is. Riverview should have a more country-feel into it. Twinbrook should be darker.and more swampy .It shouldn't be a grassland like Sunset Valley and Riverview. And there should be a desert city. Also, keep Bridgeport. These are just examples. There should be smaller towns also. Interactions: When two Sims are friends, they say hi to each other. I like that. They should keep that. When two Sims are enemies, they get frustrated when they are with each other. I also like that. What's lacking in Sims 3 is deeper and more meaningful interactions like slow dance in Sims 2. It gives a more romantic feel to Sims. The two Sims' feelings for each other shouldn't be the same. Like if Sim A thinks he's friends with Sim B, Sim B should think the same. Also, more romantic interactions please. I really wanted to have a girl teen Sim crushing over a boy and the boy does not even know it (or a man, an Adult) but I can't do that. Also with any Sim, you can't have one Sim crushing over the other without the other crushing back. Please add that feature. Also, more romantic interactions please like slow dance. When a Sim falls in love or has a crush on the other Sim, her approach to the person should be different. If she's shy, she stalks on her crush. If she's aggressive, she makes gives him food and talks to him. If she's flirty, she gives him a massage. Careers I really don't mind rabbit hole careers. When you're managing more than three Sims, it's important to have rabbit hole careers otherwise, you'd go crazy. What is missing in the game are Computer-related careers like Computer Programmer, Web Designer, Gamer etc. and other careers like lawyer, accountancy, etc. Schools: Schools should be harder for idiot Sims. When you're Sim is an idiot, it should be harder for her to get A+. I find it really annoying that my Sim who is supposed to be an idiot is having A+ just by attending school every weekday. If you're Sim is an idiot, it should be harder to get A. You can make this up by having parents teach your Sims. Sports: I would really love to have sports in Sims 4. They should have at least 3 in the base game: Soccer, Baseball and Boxing. They could add more in future expansions. If Sim is good in boxing, they should be more likely to win a fight. If a Sim loses a fight, unless they have high points in Pride trait, they apologize. Other features that should be included in the base game: College - please!! I miss this!! Hobbies - so sad to not have this in Sims 3 Romance - hotdate/night life/late night is different. This is a deeper interaction on romance, not really dates. This should be in the base game House Party - duh! Generations - best expansion pack in Sims 3 in my opinion. Seasons is also important but I understand why this should be an expansion. It's so damn heavy for low-end computers.
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I forgot to genetics: When two Sims make a baby, physical features should be randomly distributed like 50-50 or 60% of the dad and 40% of the mom or even 10% of the dad and 90% of the mom. Also, if it's a newborn baby, the player shouldn't be able to choose traits. The game will randomly choose traits for the baby from the mom and dad or ancestors. These are my ideas of Sims 4 suggestion
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So basically everything just needs to be more in depth and realistic. Keep in mind though, many things such as the monetary system were changed from real life perfectly to make the gameplay experience better, there are things in real life that just wouldn't fit well into a video game meant for entertainment. Make it as tedious as real life can sometimes be and you start to suck out the joy of creativity in The Sims.