Error with one of my family saves

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A games I have been playing for the last three years has mysteriously stopped being able to play. The icon which normally shows that family portrait just has the outline of a house and then I try and launch the game it says "There was a problem loading Quagmire. It is strongly suggested you restart the application".

In the Saves folder of The Sims 3 I have Quagmire.sims3 plus a backup file, and Quagmire(58).sims3 plus a backup file. The Quagmire.sims3 folder only contains the file (I'm guessing this is where the corruption has arisen) and the Quagmire(58).sims3 contains all the files that should be included. Can I simply resolve this by copying the files from Quagmire(58) into the Quagmire folder?

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EVERY SINGLE TIME THIS HAPPENED TO ME. Here is a website that might help: It also says that it might help if you turn off real-time scanning.
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That would be great for helping me in the future. Unfortunately, it says the folder has to be larger than 3MB to be recoverable and mine is 455 bites (ony the Meta files is in there). Damn, that was really unfortunate :(

I have no idea how that happened. It may have had something to do with that wretched free holiday because the first time it appeared I sent them to go on the free vacation but they never left and their icons were greyed out as if they were on vacation when they weren't. It wasn't until they were offered another one that they actually went and the icons returned to normal. I know now not to accept that blessed holiday as it appears that it can permanently corrupt your files.