Corrupted saves?

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So I am on my 8th generation of my current Sims 3 game. Not sure if it makes any difference, but I've got my two guy Sims from my 7th gen, each married to a townie girl with one kid a piece. 2 of the 4 have reached elder status. I've got one guy and his toddler daughter with the same birthday. I don't do birthday parties much, so I just let the game age them up (normal aging). The first time they both aged up at the same time, when I tried to save afterward it told me "saving to the selected storage device has failed." This of course corrupts the data and forces me to erase the game the next time I start up the game. This happened twice. I have two saves of this game since I had this happen once a long time ago and didn't want to lose all my gameplay. I tried aging the dad up to elder first, and it saved fine after that. Then I let the girl age at the end of the day, same error message. Tried aging her up with a bday cake, same error message. Any idea what's going on? All my other games save fine on my Xbox, so I don't think it's my console. Needless to say I'm sick of playing the same 24 hours over and over just trying to get past her toddler stage. I read rumors of an update to fix problems similar to this, but.... *shrug* Any help would be great. Thanks!
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I have been having the same problem, I also have been playing by generation, I dont even know how many im at right now, and I built a new house last night (everything saved fine) but when I woke up this morning and tried to redo my house it wouldnt save. Im going to try again *crosses fingers*
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Forget it you're screwed, your save game is corrupted and will always be even if you reload an earlier one, I started a new game a week ago after playing around 20-25 hours in I got the error code 12... pathetic.
Maxis doesn't know how to make a proper game, their programmers are the worst I've seen.

My rating for The Sims 3 has gone from 8.5 to 7 in 3 weeks, error 12, error 16, error that error this, instead of f*ing fixing their game they keep making Expansion packs like a bunch of gold digging sluts, what a bunch of a-holes, I uninstalled it this morning and I'm done with it, I'm happy that I never bought any EPs.....