ahh, the college years...

User Rating: 8.9 | The Sims 2 University PC
finally, sims can have the much desired college education! it's fun, your sims get, um let's say, "extra life" by attending college. classes are fun to attend, instead of scrolling up to see how many days left as an adult or kid or whatever, it just says ?? hours until the final exam. pretty cool. oh, and let's not forget the majors: mega funny! you should check out your sims next subject when they take the tests, you are bound to laugh, or at least smile, depends on your humor.

the fact that there are 4 new careers is awesome! you should try getting all of the promotions, it's totally worth it. they earn more than 1 thousand dollars when they go to work, and only work like 3 days a week, the sweet life!

also, graduating college gives you 2 extra aspirations (so you end up with 6). it's a whole lot better since it's a whole easier to please your sim. :D