LET'S SEND THE BRATS OFF TO COLLEGE! and get your basement back..

User Rating: 8 | The Sims 2 University PC
this is the...first expansion pack..for the sims so..it's the first one i'll be reviewing...now before we begin did everyone bring their pencil and notepad? you know you will be quizzed at the end of this and it will count 95% of your grade..anyway open to pg.6 the good and the bad.

THE GOOD! :D 8 total,

#1 NEW OBJECTS! (including electric guitar,drumset and (no not banjo) bass)
#2 you can streak. (need i say more?) X)
#3 college life is fun living in a dorm infested by roachesjocksnerds is grreeaatt. lol nsrly.
#4 you get to pick your dormmates.:)
#5 new life stage added young adult.
#6 tons of classes to take.
#7 new clothes.
#8 you can now turn into a zombie! (nom nom nom brainz)
#9 you can now have mp3s,cellphones,and handhelds!

THE BAD! :( 9 total.

#1 it's shorter then you would think..
#2 you fail you get sent back home.(i should know.)
#3 you thought school was bad? your sims have to leave every hour to go to classes.
#5 streaking only avalible on campus.
#6 cell phones,mp3s,handhelds cost money.
#7 it functions as a seperate family now (example bob goes to college with jack. jack and bob function as a family would)
#8 it ain't cheap to get into college.


(well you did poorly i mean a monkey could have written more legible..and don't you know your abcs? man you are pathetic -crinkles paper up and sets it on fire and throws it in the trash- well you flunked. go figure...anyway) so it's a great expansion (even if streaking is only availible on campus) and im sure you will have some memories..if your going to get it..get it for the items..there is some really great items in this! do you smell something burning? -looks behind him- uh oh.