EASILY ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER! (better then sims 3 don't believe me? read the review!)

User Rating: 9.5 | The Sims 2 PC
ok so this is the game that got me into the sims and i think it will get you into it to if you haven't tried it you really should it's an amazing game (if your into simulations)..anyway onto the good and the bad.

THE GOOD! :D 9 total.

#1 lots of creativity! (almost anything)
#2 lots of things to do! (eat,sleep get a job etc)
#3 anything can happen. :D (fire,death,ghosts etc)
#4 cheats hehe
#5 everytime you start a new game it feels like a whole different experiance!
#6 never dull. (never)
#7 MODS! lots and lots of mods!
#8 FUNNY! im 90% you will laugh at some moment in the game,.
#9 different life stages have different interactives and speak differently.

THE BAD! :( 6 total

#1 don't forget they can die..you have to feed them and such.
#2 they whine a lot in simlish! (ex: Atohteh! Degg degg) (see?)
#3 you add to many mods you computer will slow the game down.
#4 they may go crazy and start begging for simloans on the side of the road...or become suicidal...(tiny problem)
#5 they require a lot of care.
#6 LONG LOADING SCREENS! (go take a ride around the block and come back it'll still be loading.)
#7 only {10?} voices for the sims. one for each life stage and malefemale.


it's a simulation..heck you can even make them play video games in the video game. or how about writing reviews online? yep it can do all that..the sims 2 is a improvement from the original..(still retains some aspect) and while everybody wants the sims 3 this is way better...well i'll leave it up to you after all this is just my opinion .