Need Help with Sims 2

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I'm using Windows Vista SP1, which has known issues with the Sims 2 But I've installed the Sims 2 patch but it still says "this program has known compatibility issues" Blah blah blah "check for solutions online?" Naturally I click find solution,and this comes up, "Your version of The Sims isn't compatible with this version of Windows. A newer version of this software is available for download that solves this problem. Tap or click to download the update from the Electronic Arts website" I try to go to the webpage but the site keeps trying to redirect but, as we know, EA no longer cares about Sims 2 anymore and changed it to only Sims 3 stuff :( So Yea please help! I've been looking around on the net for at least two hours... so very tired and annoyed