Has there ever been a game you can fast forward?

User Rating: 7.5 | The Sims 2: Pets GC
Sims 2 pets doesn't seem that challenging by the cover, but really, its pretty tough. Like I said before, you can fast forward the game if you want. It is fun to build your house, but when you start taking action and control your player, you need to feed, bath, put them to sleep, go to the bathroom, talk to people, be entertained, stay at your house often, and care for your dog. But when you care for your dog, you have to feed it, scold it, bath it, buy a tree so it can go bathroom, keep it at your house often, take it to see other dogs, entertainment, and buy it a bed to put it to sleep. You need to do all these things for your dog, while taking care of you. You also need to get a job for money. If you run out of money, and you don't have a job, you can't buy food. If you can't buy food your sim gets hungry, and it thinks if it keeps fainting, it will get food. Well, overall its a pretty good game. Hope you like my review! Bye!