If you like pets this is a dream come true if you don't...skip it

User Rating: 7 | The Sims 2: Pets PC
Pets is another expansion pack for the sims 2 and it is focused on pets. If you want to have pets in the sims this is really recommended becasue the pets are done well.

Pets are like sims but you can't control them. They move on their own and perform actions on their own. However you can interact with them a lot. You can play games like fetch, or cat teaser, you can rub there belly or feed them a treat, ect. Also every time a pet does something like scratch furniture or eat pet food you can praise or scold it molding the pet to behave a certain way. The pet could be destructive or really well behaved it is all up to you.

Another thing pets can do is get a job. Like sims they gain money for their work and can advance up the career track but they only have 3 levels. They go up levels by learning commands such as play dead, shake, roll over, which you teach to them. Once they learn these you can also perform them at your whim..

Like sims pets grow old, die and can have babies. Instead of making love on the bed they do it in the dog house.

Another great aspect is the create a pet system. It allows you to make a dog or cat. You can select from a variety of classes or start from scratch. You can make it's tail fluffy or think, change it's head shape, change each individual eye color, you can eve add fur patterns of different colors and layer them. It is done really well and you are sure to make a unique dog.
The game also comes with 2 other pets hamsters and birds but they are not as interesting. The radio has been updated with music including a new station country music.

All in all if you like pets then this is a dream come true but you don't then i would skip it.