Good gameplay, but lacking big time!

User Rating: 4.5 | The Sims 2: Pets PS2
I've played the past 4 games, but this was both an good & a letdown. in past versions you got to have kids, and most of all, a wide variety of clothes and household items to choose from. But this game doesn't add up to its reputation, it has too many glitches, and serious interaction delays. I'd consider this a bargain bin game, i'm hoping the newest one out now will live up to its name. I'd recommned this to anyone who doesn't get bored too easily, and if they don't care about the item shortage. Also the one thing that is missiing is the pools which the past games always offered, but no story mode? now that's just wrong.

So i only play it so i don't forget my poor dog that passed away 2 years ago, sorry i got carried away, lol. So anyway, any of you who want to get this game i'd recommend another game with better options than this one.