Fun as a Sims game can be, but the tweks don't ad much

User Rating: 8 | The Sims 2: Pets PS2
I like The Sims, and i really wanted to have The Sims 2, so i got this for birthday, and as soon as i played, i though "its pretty fun, but the animals are boring".

The graphics are good, and the furniture, the characters and the house have a lot of detail. 5/5

The language they speak still fun to listen to, but the liscenced songs itself aren't very good. 4/5

The game is simulation game. You create a character (a Sim) and controls its daily life, though a minute for the game is a second to us. It can be pretty fun to play it in small doses. The biggest change in this game are the animals, as you can have a dog or a cat as a pet (among other animals). Though it is a pretty good idea, it's underdeveloped, as for me, they are more annoying than cute. One of the things that annoy me the most is that you can't control them, i mean how cool would it be to control the pets! And they normally don't eat what you gave to them, and sometimes are pretty stupid. 3/5

It is a solid Sims game, but the new pet concept isn't very solid, but it is worth purchasing if you like The Sims.

The Good:
-Solid Sim game
-Simlish still funny
-Good graphics and character modules

The Bad:
-Pets are annoying
-Licenced soundtrack could have been better