Whilst it's cool to observe your pets and influence them, you can't help but feel a bitter taste in your mouth after....

User Rating: 4.5 | The Sims 2: Pets PC
So straight off the bat, obviously first thing you want to do is buy a cat or a dog. So after you do, you feel so excited and I couldn't help but feel disappointed. The fact that you can't control the pets is understandable, but it'd probably better if you could in this case.

It's just there's so little to do, all you do is feed them, play with them, teach them a trick and they go to work. The coolest thing to do with pet's is make them and see all the different breeds, collars and fur colours in the game.

Pets, in conjunction with Open For Business, is pretty cool however as you can buy and sell pets in your businesses.
I really can't write much more on this review because that is all the game has to offer, excpet for parrots and hamsters, but they're just objects, so i'm cutting this short. Pet's gets a shameful 4.5