Not as much fun as the others but...

User Rating: 8 | The Sims: Castaway Stories PC
I enjoyed the story mode and that's what I gave an 8. My only complaint with it was it seemed like they made it way too easy. The free play in the shipwrecked and single was a big dissapointment, you have to live with other people if you put yourself in the bin or choose a family from a bin. I'm just not down with controlling more than 3 people at a time. Also, there's just not that much to do on the island to keep you entertained. I did play the Wii version of Castaways, maybe that spoiled it for me some, but this is really a completely new story. On the pros, I did like the addition of carreers versus doing nothing on the console version, that helps you avoid countless hours of monotnous gathering. On the cons, The monkey is very annoying also, you can't get rid of him and he constantly wants attention. The game is also very short on storyline and that's dissapointing as well.

The graphics and music are classic Sims, love them, love the concept.
All in all i just feel like it could have been a better game; just didn't do enough for me.