Interesting Missions

User Rating: 9.5 | The Sims: Castaway Stories PC
Previous Sims games where pretty much free will except for your basic needs to keep your Sim happy and alive. Now Castaway has put in some Fun filled Missions you can go on along the way. If you get tired of the missions you can go back to free will for awhile then pick back up the missions when you are ready again. I like that it gives you time to work on another objective you may have going on in the game. For instant maxing out your skill point, or perusing your social life. Or you can mix it up and do both or all objective. It puts you more in control of the game and more time to spend on the parts of the game you like the most. I think game makers could learn a valuable lesson here. I've always had game that I loved but wished I could cut one part of it out and it not make a difference to the rest of the game. But most games you don't have that option.