You'll be surprised that this game is free on your GoPhone, and even more by how short it is. I beat in 2 hours!

User Rating: 2.5 | The Sims 2 Castaway WINM
It boasts that you will have choices, and freedom to play as you please, but in all actuality, this game is an RPG through and through.

You roam a distant land in search of a way off the island. You pick up items which have either healing properties, or value to other inhabitants that you must do favors for in order to get more items, and a set curriculum as to what you must do in the game. you can wander all you want, but you still have to do it. Sounds like an RPG to me.

Exact classifications aside, the first time you play it will be the most fun, because you will not know that you will only be playing for 2 more hours. I guess it was meant to be a "Spur of the Moment" type of game, rather than a "I have time" kind of game. It would make more sense if you are insanely busy and only have 10 minutes out of every day to devote to it.

You will meet about 6 characters in total, and you HAVE to meet them all in order to win. Because they all have things that you need in order to beat the game. Not really a choice. You will be required to eat, sleep, fish, bathe and socialize, but that's really it. I guess it was kinds nice not to worry that I might piss myself in front of a woman, but at the same time this game allows one to simply teleport to different areas of the map, so therein lies the solution to most of your "low stat" problems. You will have access to a tent that you will build early in the game, and end with as well. Most of your time will be spent with the Orangutan trying to earn items with his "slot machine-style" games. The only upset though is how easy it is the get the items you want even though the mini games are based on chance.

Towards the end you will meet a guy who claims to have built a raft and you will be asked if you would like to leave the island. When you select "yes" the game is over.

Absolutely NO replay value, and I have no intention of playing it again. If you have very little time to devote to games and it takes you 6 months to out of Athens in God of War, then this is the game for you. and may it last more than a day.