The Simpsons Tapped Out should be looked as a distraction to be played on small burst, and for that, it's quite fine

User Rating: 7 | The Simpsons: Tapped Out IOS
Games based on The Simpsons tend to be on the mediocre side. I myself have only played and completed the average The Simpsons Game, and played a little bit of the goods Hit and Run and Road Rage and the awful Wrestling Game. So, how does the freebie Tapped Out do?

This game captures perfectly the essence of the show, with graphics mimicking perfectly the art style of the cartoon. The artwork is also very fluid, with the game ocasionaly slowing down when there is too much happening on screen. So, all in all, a great looking game that really gives you the feel of the show. 4.5/5

The music in the game is a disapointment, since there is so little of it. Springfield has a very generic and boring song, and that is it, there is no other music in the game. Each of the characters you unlock in the game have bits of voice acting, and they are taken from the main show, and sound very nice. 2/5

The game is a city-building game. The plot is that Homer accidentaly destroyed all of Springfield on an accident on the Power Plant, and after only him and Lisa surviving, its their job to rebuild the entire city. Really, there is no more need for plot, and that incentive is enough to make you do it.

An annoyance is that, much like many other free games out there, especially from EA, this game has microtransactions. You see, there are two currencies in game, dollars and donuts. Dollars you get whenever anyone finished their action, and is needed to progress. Donuts are considered premium currency, and can only be gotten sparcely in game, such as when you level up, or by paying real money. And the prices for donuts can get quite expensive, considering there are a lot of things you can only buy with them, and it is frustrating not being able to get them and seeing them on your city.

So, how does it work. Each time, one or more characters will have certain objectives, which can involve doing something, like Homer playing with his myPad, or building a new location, such as their desire for the School to be rebuilt. So, as the objectives come, you are able to build new places, and make your city all the bigger.

That does, however, show the biggest problem with this game: the lack of freedom. You can only build what is available to you at certain points, you can't just place everything you want whenever you want. You are always locked. Not only that, but much like the free to play The Sims game for mobile devices, the building and actions take place in real time, so you have to wait a long time for anything to get done, which gets boring. Buildings also get really expensive latter on, so there will be times when you have to just grind for money.

Although, on the other hand, that does highlight the nature of this game. It is a game to play a few minutes every day. You get up, give an action to everyone around town, come back the next day to get your money and experience rewards, rince and repeat until you have enough to buy the next building. And it is satisfying to see the new areas you unlock and the new characters that come with them. Definitely the biggest incentive to keep playing is seeing what comes next, and what the next characters can do.

Also, true to the simpsons formula, this game is packed with great writing and humorous moments. Each time a task has to be completed the will be some text before, and it is also a joy to read it, as it is to see some of the actions of the characters on the overworld, which can be funny.

I have been playing this game for almost an year, and almost every day since, and since EA is still updating the game with more content regularly, that sure will make you play this game for a long, long time.

It is kind of hard to really get mad at the negatives of a free game. There are quite a number of annoyances on Tapped Out; however, the amusement factor and the nonexistant price tag are enough to warrant a download for this game. Give it a shot for some time if you can, it is worth to play this game a little every day.