How to get 5 stars without buying doughnuts!

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Hi All! I was stuck on 4.5 stars for AGES and didn't want to have to buy doughnuts to get the elusive 5th star. For me, my "Obedience" level was at 4 stars which brought my overall rating to 4.5 stars. The game states that you need to "Buy public buildings" to increase your Obedience rating. What I discovered recently was that adding Stop Signs and Hail Ants Signs (both under Decorations) also adds to your Obedience rating. Just plant lots of these signs around your Springfield (hide them behind buildings if you don't want them displayed) and your Obedience rating (and your overall rating) should go up to 5! :D Oh and my ID in the game is the same as my name on this forum - MontyBurnsNZ
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I know that stop signs bumped up your obedience as well. I put up tons of them all over and that got me up to five stars for obedience.