Despite some repetitive levels and gameplay, it's a charming game with that great Simpson's style and humor.

User Rating: 8.1 | The Simpsons: Hit & Run PC
This game is incredibly charming! The awesome voice acting of the cast is on par with their work on the show, and the humor is the best part of this game! The one-liners from each different characters are hilarious and I just found myself wanting to hear more. Running people over, hitting other cars and punching people down both look and sound pretty funny. Yes, each character does has a limited set of dialogue, but that's to be expected from any game. Most of the vehicles have some humorous aspect to them and the different costumes you can wear are pretty cool, too. I'll admit I don't understand all the references in this game since I don't actually watch the Simpsons anymore, but they're amusing anyways. The game's graphics use simple textures and colors, which is a perfect choice of style for bringing an animated show into 3D, in my opinion. The simple drawings of the show translate well into the simple 3D models of the game. I did find myself wishing that the models were capable of greater facial expressions, though. Seeing the characters' eyes and eyebrows move, even a little, would have greatly enhanced the overall charm of the game. Instead everyone stares blankly forward. Each level takes place in a self-contained location in Springfield, and all the areas are colorful and visually engaging. After spending a lot of time retrying missions in any given level, though, it was a joy to finally reach the next level and have a new area to explore. However, after playing the first three levels in three different locations, I was very disappointed at having to play the remaining levels in the same three locations again. Aside from the change in the playable character, there isn't much change in any of these places, as the people, coins, wasp cameras, boxes, etc. are in exactly the same positions as before. To me, recycling the locations doesn't seem justified in any way. The 7th level proves to be an exception, as it brings that necessary visual change to really make the endgame unique, satisfying and lots of fun. The gameplay is actually pretty repetitive, with most of the game spent either racing other cars, collecting items in a specified time limit, destroying other vehicles, and just generally racing the clock to get somewhere. Despite this, the game is still lots of fun and is kept fun by giving you access to faster cars and pitting you against tougher opponents. Missions in the later levels will blatantly place pedestrians in your driving path to ensure that the cops come out and give you yet another obstacle in your race against time. One thing that puzzles me is that this game comes on 3 CD's, so the reason why the developers couldn't fit more environments or dialogue into the game than single CD game (such as Soul Reaver 2 or System Shock 2, for example) isn't readily apparent to me. With that much space, I feel it could've had the extra one-liners and dialogue that people want as well as a different location for each level. Overall, though, it's a cool game and a fun experience.