Not bad.

User Rating: 6.5 | The Simpsons Game PS2
Yes, it's not a bad game. It's pretty funny too. And also if it's by Electronic Arts you know it's probably going to be a decent game. Me and cousin played this game and beat it. Laugh out loud, he's eight years old and it wasn't my game by most certainly played enough to review it we got to the last stage. He was always hogging the controls though. Overall they were sixteen stages. I only got to beat one. Let's see the pros and cons.

The Good:

-Good graphics
-Funny Cutscenes
-Satisfying game play in some parts of the game

The bad:
-Camera sucks
-Frustrating gameplay
-Replay Value

And thats about it. It's kinda annoying. I don't buy movie based games. If I do though, they would have to have decent ratings.
So Simpsons is a decent game and it's worth playing and it's easy to recommend this to fans of the show. And it's a decent game for anyone.