could be improved but not a bad game

User Rating: 6.5 | The Simpsons Game PS2
The simpsons game is a highly detailed arcade style game with missons that 2 of the simpsons family must complete by working together. The diffrence between the ds version and the ps2 version is that the ps2 one has gameplay in the simpsons house after you have completed a misson. The house is basicaly where your acheviments and completed levels are stored with walkable areas like the garage which stores cliches that you have earnt and the entrance to the house which is where you can acess your current misson. The missons are hard like the end of the second level where you must defeat jimbo in a spaceship but you have to jump up on obstacles and you get lost halfway but they are so much fun you dont get angry with the hardness of the gameplay.i would give this a 6.5 because it isnt as good as hit and run.