User Rating: 8.5 | The Simpsons Game PS2
Review For Simpsons PS2

....This game has a few exceptions that parents should know about for the childrens own good.

1.This game has some parts in it that children are going to be stuck on and are going to be frustrated and annoyed.

2. The game is slightly violent.

3.It may have one or two bad words.

I completed this game in four days and I am eleven but
that's because im a skilled gamer.
This game is probaly suitable for (even though it says 12+ on the box.)
kids who are over the age of 13

In the simpsons game play as Bart,Homer,Lisa,Marge AND EVEN MAGGIE!!!
I wont give too much away though
Level 1 The land of chocolate:You run around chasing the white chocolate rabbit and punching chocolate bunnies!
Level 2 Bartman begins: Play as bart or homer and stop the bullies from robbing the museum.
Level 3 Around the world in 80 DO'S!:Play as Bart or Homer in a eating contest,that is'nt like any other eating contest you've seen!

There are more levels than that though.
The simpsons find that that they are in a video game set in Springfield
and they find out that they have super powers but when Kang and Kodos
invade (again!)the simpson's powers aren't strong enough and must find a way to stop the invasion!

The things that you can do are so cool like defeat Lard Lad or meet Matt Greoning (In one of the levels.)When you play as Lisa you can play her saxaophone,Bart can turn into Bart Man!,Homer can eat food and turn into a
fat blob that rolls around and Marge can control people's minds!!!

So the game over all is WICKED AWESOME!!!
thanks for reading I hope this information has encouraged you to buy this game.