Despite the game's title, this isn't what the ordinary Simpsons fan would expect...

User Rating: 6 | The Simpsons Game PSP
All over the world, there are many people are are "die-hard fans" of the famous and extremely popular animated sitcom, "The Simpson's." I am also a big fan and I never miss an episode, and I am aware of other games with The Simpson's brand logo ("Road Rage", "Hit and Run", although I've only played Hit and Run), those games according to most reviewers and fans alike, the games were given both mixed to positive reviews. This game has gotten similar recognition, and there are many reasons why...

Story: 7.5 (Despite the game's original release starting around the release of "The Simpson's Movie", the game's story has nothing to do with the movie, nor are there any references in this game)
Graphics: 5.5 (The graphics are no where near as good compared to the game's console counterparts, although this is on the PlayStation Portable, there have been several games released years before this game that look much better than this, while the cut-scenes appear well and good, despite some animation errors compared to the animated sitcom [Facial movements from Bart and Homer in lines that some may notice, aren't what they should be])
Music: 9 (The music holds both music from the series, while parodies from other video games do provide minor humor)
Controls: 6.5 (The controls do fine for minor and mediocre combat, while also suffering due to the HORRIBLE camera in this game)
Sound: 9.5 (The voice actors of the series perform well as always, while the only downside is the sometimes imperfect affect of audio, but this doesn't really affect the game in a negative way)

The story starts out with Homer dreaming of eating an unnatural world of chocolate (and literally chasing a "white chocolate rabbit" along with the rest of the world), while Bart fails to play a "violent" video game due to his mother Marge "afraid of the "Meany Bo Beanies", but Bart eventually stumbles upon a special instruction manual (based on the actual instruction manual for the game) which gives him super powers, and then eventually the whole family has powers in which the world is in "danger" due to the "evil power in video games." I won't explain the story any further due to several (and somewhat funny) details.

The game-play is unfortunately quite average. The family thankfully has their own "special powers" in which they need to use in order to continue in their levels. The powers are okay, and offer a good change within the levels, while the minor combat is a single button that isn't really necessary (especially since almost every video game has an attack button, it sometimes gets annoying and saddening that most games to have a fighting mechanism instead of the creativity one might expect to come from The Simpson's. The collecting of items that are fond to each character are scattered throughout the levels they are in in order to unlock special things in the game, although they are pointless and have little to no effect onto the game in general and do not offer any grand satisfaction or joy in going so far to find them. The main con in this game, that really makes this video game suffer is the horrendous camera throughout the whole game. The camera usually effects the game by seemingly blind jumping into a family member's demise (which really effects the scoring on a level one is playing), while the camera can even be sidesplitting for the eyes and brain, which is the main reason why this game has such an average rating. The main praise in this game though are the several cut-scenes throughout the game, and they sometimes can be great for a short laugh once and a while, but otherwise they really don't matter.

The game isn't a bad game, but it certainly isn't the best Simpson's game released thus far, and I would recommend ignoring this game, as it doesn't matter whether you play it or not, even for fans of the series have little to no point in playing this game, but only for seeing the cut-scenes, which can obviously be found and seen on the internet to avoid the frustration of one of the worst camera angles ever. But otherwise, this game does deserve the brand logo of the animated series.