The Simpsons Game basically leeched of the dying hype of The Simpsons Movie, but is good for being based on a TV Series.

User Rating: 6.5 | The Simpsons Game X360
The Simpsons Game is an entertaining game for as long as the story lasts and abruptly flat-lines at the Dance Dance Revelation mini-game at the end of the story. The cel-shaded graphics fit with games that carry The Simpsons' name like in Road Rage and Hit and Run but doesn't have that same open-ended gameplay like the other games. The storyline has its moments like finding out who dropped that game manual and how there will be the occasional breaking of the fourth wall. The audio didn't leave much to be expected as you had all the voice actors from the show like Dan Castellaneta and Nancy Cartwright and then recycled sounds from the previous games. Finally the story left something to be desired. I felt like the writers just decided to pick a popular culture icon like Batman Begins, places it somewhere in Springfield and changes the name. Or Electronic Arts makes one mission to promote another game of its own which I personally hate but that's just my opinion. I do believe that if they lengthened the storyline which may which may have delayed the release to November or December it could have gotten a better rating since you can just blow right through this game in a couple hours if you stick to it and you are proficient at Dance Dance Revolution style mini-games.
I hope this review didn't end up trolling or ranting, but there was so much more I expected from this game.