Sadly i can't get my money back :(

User Rating: 4 | The Simpsons Game DS
Guys do yourselves a favour and stay away from this version of the game! I am not a professional gamer and beat the game in 4 hours! All I got was frustration! This game was no fun for me at all! it's extremely repetitive 2d jump 'n' run(and sometimes hit the same guys over and over again) with no replay value!Even PET HOMER gets boring soon!I did not see a Medal of Homer level(or episode if you prefer) as well as green slimy Homer!A lot of thing are missing from the ds version of the game! Plus you can't destroy nothing from the surrounding environment(thing like cars,garbage cans,etc.). The sound is nothing impressive,it is not bad but...And in my opinion the replicas are repetitive too!

I am The Simpsons series fan and i had big expectations about this game,but my first impression was bad! I hope(and i am sure) that the 3d versions of the game will be more fun to play, i will get the psp version for sure when it is out!