Wow, the Simpsons took me back in time.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Simpsons Game PS3
The Simpsons is one of those TV shows that I used to love, and today I can't barely stand it when is on TV, but this game has some really amazing writting and a very good story that made me pick up the old respect the I had for the series.

The game starts a little slow and to me it felt that it was going to be a very easy ride, which by the way, the game is very forgivin, there's no space for frustration since if you end up dying you'll respawn right on the spot. The writting is so clever that they even mention that, and how todays games remove a lot of the dificulty that older generation games used to have.

Theres a great variety of levels and game play and an extensive exploratory component where you can find collectibles to unlock special features and level up the Simpsons. So oberall it's a quite well balanced game modes and ways to play it.

I will strongly recomend to give this game a try, it was refreshing and brought back my love for the series and you can find this game for very cheap, it took me about 14 hours to go through the game, taking my time to collect as many items that I could, soyou're investment will pay off.