Better than the DS version.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Simpsons Game X360
I am a really huge Simpsons fan and it's one of my favorite shows, eventhough it's gone downhill, but this current season is making a comeback imo. Okay, I have the DS version of this game and I beat it very fast, and when I got an xbox 360 for christmas, I got this version too, i thought it was gonna be like the "same thing I beat on another system" but I mis judged this completely! it's SO much better than the DS version, it's a full walk through platform, while the DS version made it side scrolling for some reason. Also, it has the same cut scenes as the DS version, but it looks a lot better and more like the animation of the show. It even has more gameplay and better graphics than the DS version. This and Simpsons Hit & Run have got to be the best Simpsons based video games ever based on the show.

Grade: A+