Go back and get your Ps2 and play on Hit and Run, because this more recent release is nothing special.

User Rating: 6.5 | The Simpsons Game WII
It just goes to show, graphics don't make a game good. And now that the wii has finally got something with decent graphics, it's disappointing.

The game opens with short cartoon clip with Homer snoring snoring mouth-opened on the sofa ( nothing like something interesting to drag the gamer in ) and he drops into the fantasy world of chocolate land. The graphics, along with all the fantastic voice acting and hilarious cut scenes make a promising start. That is, at least, until you play the game.

The first level does not give you an accurate impression of the game, because of the small amount of platforming, but the next level is disastrous. The camera is hard to see past and even hard to (sometimes forcefully) manipulate. The controls are hard to use too, especially on small, precarious platforms.

The game is also incredibly easy because you automatically regenerate life and the only difficult part is finding the @!**@#!!! button to push so you can fly to another @!**@#!!! platform.

If you're a great Simpsons fan you might buy it for the great storyline, but otherwise you could just watch the repeats on C4 (or pay to watch it on SKY).