World Sized Poo Bomb

User Rating: 3 | The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World NES
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Learning Curve: 30 Minutes

Score: 3 out of 10

This was another Simpsons game released in the same freaking month of the same freaking year. That's right when in the hell have you seen a game company release two different videogames in the same month of the same year? I'm not refering to games that are simlar to each other like the pokemon games or simular Zelda games for the GB. These are two differnt games that were freaking released in the same month! this is why games suck. They just make the crap and never take their time to actually think it out. This is why the games Nintendo made personally were so great and the majority but not all of the 3rd party games sucked. Ok onto the game, this game has Bart going around the world to collect Krusty the Clown icons to win a contest. He'll go to such areas as China, Egypt, North Pole, The Great Wall and Hollywood. Each level has a relative of Mr. Burns out to get Bart, thats right the main enemies of this game are the Relatives of Mr. Burns. The only reason this game is getting a longer review is that I was actually able to get past the first **** stage unlike that crapfest known as Bart Vs. The Space Mutants. The controls for this game is the exact same as the previous game. The same buttons on the controler will do multiple things. Like the Jump doubles for running also the controls are bad in this game you have to watch where you jump because trust me if you don't you will die. Now I'm going to bring up something that Fellow Game Review James Rolfe said, why is it this game is named Bart Vs. The World? He freaking saved it from the Mutants in the previous game the title of this game makes it sound like he's now taking on the world and for it being the world you don't get to see much. Only 5 places at the most I mean wwhats the point shouldn't the title have been called: "Hey watch how we rape the Simpsons Franchise by making this god awful game" The only thing I liked about this game was some of the mini games after each level. You have such games as Matching the Cards, Jumping over Beer cups, a game like the shell game and a lame game where your spose to guess what coffen the right token is in. But I'm playing the game not to play the Mini Games I'm playing it for the main game and that just isn't good enough and for that it only gets a 3 out of 10 from me. This is one Poo bomb to stay away from.