A little better than Bart vs The Space Mutants, but not by much

User Rating: 1 | The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World NES
PROS: Doesn't have the same mission structure as Bart vs The Space Mutants, mini games are decent

CONS: Abysmal controls, terrible graphics, bad music, platforming is a real pain, has a good and bad ending, it doesn't have a whole lot of the world

Just like Bart vs The Space Mutants, this game falls into the same category of badness, but it's not as bad as that game. The plot revolves around Bart winning a trip around the world, but Mr. Burns wants the Simpsons eliminated so he class his relatives for help. The basic goal is to get from point A to B in different parts of the world. Before starting each level, you are able to play some mini games like a scrambled puzzle, a memory game, or a trivia game, and to be fair, the mini games are decent enough with the exception of the finding the bat in the coffin. When you do play a level, the first thing you will notice is that the game looks similar to Bart vs The Space Mutants. In fact, everything is similar to that game. The graphics are still bad and terrible, the controls are no better and are still delayed, and the Simpsons theme is still the main music, but only to be played differently in each part of the world like in either Chinese music, horror music, Egyptian, and so on. Speaking of the levels, you only go to China, Egypt, the North Pole, and Hollywood. I was expecting more places of the world to be mentioned like Britain, or some other famous place. I know this is an NES and it has limitations, but don't tell me you couldn't fit in 2 more areas of the world. The levels themselves are a pain for one wrong reason, the platforming. To put it bluntly, the platforming is some of the worse I have ever seen. The platforms are usually too small or when trying to jump onto a regular sized platform, sometimes you can fall through it. When you beat the game though, you will get a different ending. To get the good ending, you need to have different Krusty the Clown memorabilia from each part of the world like a Krusty snowman, or a boat with Krusty's head on it. If you don't get them all, you are told too bad. Now I find it very annoying to have different endings, especially to a bad game. When you beat a game, you should be told congratulations, and not be told some stupid stuff like oops you didn't get this, so no good ending. It's just annoying. In the end, Bart vs The World is almost on the same level as Bart vs The Space Mutants. To be fair, the levels were decently designed and the mini games were OK, but that's not enough to save this game at all. If you see this game and you had the bad luck of playing Bart vs The Space Mutants, then pass it up you aren't missing anything in this game.