Horrible even for a game back then.

User Rating: 3.3 | The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World NES
For a long while, this was the last NES game I had since my mom gave all the others away to some friends of theirs. Looking back, Id rather them have taken this game than TMNT 2.

The gameplay is half puzzle and half stupid. No matter how many times you time something just right, oh lets say a jump, you fail. You fall into a pit or get hit by an enemies projectile. Basically your Bart (Of course), and you have to defeat all of the Mr. Burns' of the world. One in Egypt, one in Antarctica, one in Africa, one in space, one in the middle of the ocean. Or something. I forgot and Im glad I did.

The graphics were low par. No shading, no outlining, nothing. Even the TMNT game had shadows or something close to shadows.

The sound was, oh $#it. forget it. The Simpsons theme song in the beginning.

I could only make it as far the ice level and would constantly die whenever it came to the pits. Again, because the timing was null.

I need to find someone who will take this game off my hands and make the nightmares stop. UGH. Gives me a cold chill just thinking about how horrible this game is. There is nothing good about it.

I feel sick now.