an really strange game of silent hill

User Rating: 9.5 | The Silent Hill Experience PSP
OK these is my review for the game the silent hill expirience for the psp .
fot he begining i need to say these is really awsom because an interactive comic for the psp is really cool and strange the story line is really different than the story of the silent hill the game ( incluing all history in the silent hills are different and with non scence ) and the draws in the game are really different than the style of the game aspect and looks very strange and scariest .
the other thing in these game is the combination of the 3d and the 2d graffics is really awsom and it introduce you in the story and make these more fun for reed . I finish all the comics in a 2 HS because they where very cool .The adittional material make the and tipe of aniversary of silent hill there are the 4 openings of the serie and a interview of the movie ( the movie sucks the only things cools are the monsters and the music ). I need to say these is and extraodinari "experience " for all the fans of silent hill and i recomend it i put a 9.5 because is makes me very short.