For the Fans

User Rating: 7.6 | The Silent Hill Experience PSP
Silent Hill Experience for the PSP is a game that is strictly for Silent Hill fans. The games premise is of walking around the elementary school from the first game and each room contains a special feature. These features range from didgital comics to selected music tracks.

There arent really graphics so to speak in SHE (convinient anagram eh?). Pretty much the only graphics are the ones of the school. The sound is creepy when you're walking through the halls, which sounds like screams and air rushing really fast. The art in the comics are terrific and perfectly animated to your liking.

The special features are pretty cool. The interviews and the comics are probably the part that you are going to like the most in this game.

Overall, SHE is a game that only a true Silent Hill fan should buy, seeing as it is pretty much just like the special features section on a 2-disc DVD. For $20.00 this game is a pretty good deal for SH lovers and they will probably eat this up. But non-Silent Hill lovers should maybe try to rent it online.