Only for those who haven't seen the movie or for the really hardcore fans like myself...the rest should stay away.

User Rating: 6.7 | The Silent Hill Experience PSP
The Silent Hill Experience UMD is basically a huge media disk that contains videos from the games, interviews with Akira (sound designer for the games and movie) and Christophe Gans (director of the movie), music from the series (all four of them), and comics that also include the new comic: The Hunger.

The problem with this collection is that there is a huge emphasis on the comics and those comics range from terrible to decent. The artwork for both is great, the music is amazing as always, and the panel by panel transition is way too cool. But the dialogue for both blows, The Hunger comic just flat out sucks, and if anyone knows about video game comics, they aren't good to begin with. The music and interviews are the only reason to get this disk. They will give you insight on the film and it basically says why the movie is as good as it is (unless your a Harry Mason fan [I thought he was gay anyway]). So, if you haven't seen the movie or if your a hardcore SH fan, then this is for you.