Essentially a media disc that offers various content related to Silent Hill but worth the purchase if you are a fan.

User Rating: 8 | The Silent Hill Experience PSP
Right, first off I noticed gamerankings has no data on this, Gamespot has done no reviews and I believe the same applies to gametrailers and IGN. In which case, if the leading game sites don't offer a review how do you know what you are exactly buying? That is why I decided to type this out, I have purchased the Silent Hill Experience and essentially what it is is a media disc with all sorts of content. A lot like those bonus disc 2s you get with DVDs where the first disc has the main feature and the second disc contains interviews, behind the scenes etc. You easily get over 2 hours of content, what you gain is around 2 hours worth of digital comics/graphic novels. You get 20 tracks from various Silent Hill games to listen to spanning from the first to the 4th game in the series. A picture slideshow, couple of interviews. You also get trailers for all games, the film and some weird music video and to end it you also have the credits. You have these really nice animated menus also instead of just having a screen with a list of content and you access the content by moving around the school you are trapped in. The biggest draw has to be the digital graphic novels. You get two stories, one made just for this UMD and you will notice there is variety in artwork and they have gripping and engaging storylines. The first is basically a prequel, explaining the demons/monsters of Silent Hill through the eyes of a once big time city reporter. The next story is about a doctor who has a patient, the patient shows signs of severe mental trauma and so the doctor takes the patient to Silent Hill in attempt to jog the patients memories and well obviously things have gone wrong. The dialogue is fun, both stories have a very different feel and there is a variety of artwork but there is a flaw, sometimes you don't get enough time to read speech bubbles. A character might have quite a mouthful to say and you literally get no time to finish reading so you either pause at the speech bubble or skim read some parts. The biggest flaw of the entire disc is not that, its probably the music. You get 20 great tracks, however you have limited options on how you play it. You choose a song, it plays, ends and then you select your next one. It does not automatically go to the next song, there is no loop mode there are no options. It would have been fantastic if there were some built in option to save the tracks to your memory stick. In the end, this is not a game, but a great experience and well worth the buy if you want to find out a couple of more stories about the Silent Hill world and just generally enjoy some other points about the franchise.