Good for fans of the show, but could have been a lot better.

User Rating: 6 | The Shield: The Game PC
As a fan of the TV show, I was hyped about 'The Shield: The Game' FINALLY coming out after being delayed. I read the reviews, mostly very negative, before I bought it. I decided to buy it anyway. The game exceeded what I had expected due to the reviews, but it didn't come close to living up to the TV show. The game is straight-forward, you are Vic Mackey, head of the Strike Team. But the Strike Team is pretty much irrelevant in this game, because most of the time they're nowhere to be found. There are a couple levels with one or two of your guys "helping out" (running around shooting), but there's no interacting with them. The back of the game case says "Command the elite Strike Team police unit through 15 levels...etc..." Don't be fooled.

The game is very linear. It could have been an incredible game if it was free-roaming, like True Crime NYC style except in 'Farmington'. But as it is, you pretty much just follow a straight path until you get to your objective. The graphics that are there are good, but there's not enough. You can roam around the "Barn", which is cool for fans of the show. But you can't really do anything there other than walk around. Again, very little interaction with the environment. Vic has a 'heat' rating. The idea is that the heat will go up when Vic does something illegal/immoral (bad cop) and go down when he makes a clean bust (good cop). Again, this COULD have been interesting. But it's nearly impossible to make a clean arrest, since EVERYBODY shoots at you. It's not like TC NYC where you can flash your badge and they may or may not give up. And if you shoot back and kill them, your heat rating goes up...even though they're shooting first. The only way to avoid this is to find the LITTLE area where you can shoot the gun out of their hands, which is nearly impossible, especially when they're moving. Then they'll give up and you can arrest them & lower your heat.

Another dynamic that could have been interesting is the Evidence/Retirement fund dynamic. Vic seizes a lot of cash/contraband during the game. With this, he can either turn it in to evidence, which lowers heat, or put it in his locker (retirement fund). You can't do anything with this retirement fund. No upgrades, nothing. The only 'goal' is to find out how much you got at the end of the game. A lot more could have been done with that.

Most of the actors in the show voice-acted for the game, which was cool. And the graphics were decent. The gameplay/controls weren't bad. It's decent as just a basic third person shooter, especially if you're a fan of the show. It could have been so much more, but it's not bad if you can find it in the bargain bin and you're a fan of the show.