I thought it was good game coming, But NO! Total letdown. Not worth of playing!

User Rating: 1.4 | The Shield: The Game PC

The story may be worth more, but good storyline with horrible sound and graphics is abysmal. I know, that lots of people waited for this game. Oh, and it was pulled to next - next date. I am so disappointed, I even waited for this game. That thing - you look with your lenser at the badge and then you get evidence - it is so old and it s*c*s.


Even sound was better than graphics. At maximum performance, it was still horrible (my video card supports the maximum double).

Sound: Sound was first good thing with this game, but at the end of game, it turned to horrible. I would give this game score: 0.5. I didn't like it at all. Worth of playing, but NOT buying. You know, what I mean!