Swing and a miss.

User Rating: 4 | The Shield: The Game PC
With so much to work with Aspyr has shown yet again to the PC gaming community that you can sell and produce anything no matter how bad it is.
How can anyone at Aspyr expect anything but a giant loss on this piece of crap. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IT IS A RIP-OFF ! ! The only thing worse than the awkward camera views and stupid fart jokes is the incredible number of cut scenes.If you are foolish enough to play this game expect to see a cut scene every 90-120 seconds with a save point every 5 minutes..BORING.
Without a doubt this game has more stupid cut scenes than any other game i have played .They must have paid large amounts of money to Michael Chiklis and the other cast members to voice this terrible effort.
How can such a decent show lend its credibility to a giant turd of a game like this I do not understand.