The Strike Team was here!!! Really I Couldn't tell.

User Rating: 4.9 | The Shield: The Game PS2
After three years of development and being resurrected from an early video game death finally, FX's best show gets a game about it. The Shield the game is out on the PS2. Now there is no denying that the Shield to its fans is the best show on the TV and it is very critically acclaimed. The only question left is could a virtual romp through Farmington be as fulfilling as the show itself? thats why I am here.

Story: This is the Shield so the story is the shinning example of this game. It even starts out like an episode on FX with a “previously on the Shield” video package. Most of the cast reprise their role in the game CCH Pounder not included. The cut scenes and levels are “filmed” gritty like the show. The loading screen and save times are short which helps with staying in the world. Story gets a 10/10. Story side note for Shield fans the story takes place between seasons 3 and 4.

Graphics: The graphics are middle of the road PS2 graphics. I have seen better but I have seen a truck load worse. The graphics gets a 6/10.

Sound: Most of the sound is high quality Shield sound, but the lady who plays Claudette Wyms role in the game (CCH Pounder's role on the TV series) is absolutely horrible her pacing is wrong. I found myself saying ST*U please to that character. Sound gets a 8/10 for that reason alone.

Game play: This is where The Shield game falls flat on its face. Aiming when shooting your police or otherwise issued weapon is nothing but frustrating. The controls for grappling/arresting is a huge pain as well. Mini game me to death. There is a mini game for almost everything. While some game are simple and quick (searching) others are a headache. I have also seen numerous game play and other glitches that are just unacceptable for ANY game (ex. walking through walls yes it happened). Vic Macky moves way to freaking slow he's not fat he is fit. The game is fun but I have to be honest here and that is if I was not such a HUGE fan of the show I probably would not play this as a stand alone game. For this reason, the game play gets a very sad 3/10.

My final verdict is if you are a fan of the show I recommend you play this game and you probably will with or without my review. However, if you are a gamer saying what the heck is this do not let the $30 price tag convince you to buy it. In fact, save twenty dollars more and buy season one of The Shield show on DVD. Very sad and depressed I am out.