Settling for this game?

User Rating: 4 | The Settlers DS
I saw herd about this game before it came out and thought it looked like something I might want to try, However... Once I got this game the first thing I noticed was how bad the graphics were and the sound was not much better. Now I know there is more to games then just the graphics so I moved past it and gave it a try. I can not tell you too much about this game because to be honest I could not figure out what it was I was supose to be doing. I thought this game was hard and did not turn out to be something I wanted to play. I gave this game to my son who is 13 and likes these kind of games and it was pretty hard for him as well, He stuck with it and did figure out what to do and played it for a few weeks but never really seem to love it, Needless to say this game was passes around to all of my five kids and only 3 of them knew how to play it and it slowly ended up back in the case where it sits and will soon be going back to the game store.