Completely broken but you may still get a little fun out of it

User Rating: 3.5 | The Settlers DS
I was expecting this game to put a smile on my face when I heard settlers was coming to the DS but my face dropped as soon as I got to the menu. The graphics are unfortunatley terrible and the controls dont work properly. The sound at first seemed ok, the music seemed to be appropiate for the game but then I realised there is only one song in the game which plays constantly as you build your city. The game has no tutorial so if you are new to settlers you may have no idea what to do, the game is also badly broken with glitches and is constantly slowing. The only good thing I can say about the game is that there is still a little bit of what makes settlers fun in it if you can get past the annoying glitches which did last me up to about an hour of playing before I realised most of the stuff it says you can do you cant. If you are even thinking there is a chance you will like this game, you wont.