You have to try it!

User Rating: 10 | The Secret World PC
I'll make this short: Try it yourself!

I was very close to not be buying nor even trying this game, because of Funcom's game-track, and all the negative stuff I've heard.

.. but I'm glad I did! This game is definitely not for everyone, but if it's for you: you'll love it! And that's why you've to try it yourself. No videos out there justifies the game, you've to be there yourself, and you've to let yourself emerge in it - it took me a little while to figure the game out, since it was so different from the other mmos, but after I've played the first four-five hours, I was hooked for good, and have been playing the game almost non-stop since!

The game is a little hardware-demanding, but if you've good enough of computer, you'll be amazed by the graphics. Together with the excellent sound and music, you'll be drawn into this mysterious twisted modern world.

If you are a real mmo player - try it out!

See you ingame :-)