The Secret World would have been better as a regular rpg instead of a mmo.

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I am not much of a mmo player because I don't care for the controls in mmo's, but TSW is the best mmo that I have played. The story seems great, and it is alot of fun even though I still don't care for the controls.

This would have been alot better as a regular rpg that could last 100+ hours of gameplay on consoles and on pc. I say that because the story in TSW is different and soo unique that this should have been a regular rpg.

Do you agree?

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Yes and no.

I am, like yourself, no MMO fan, but rather a fan av standard RPG's, and I was, and still is, very disappointed over the fact that this game have taken away Funcoms focus from their excellent The Longest Journey series. I'm dying for a continuation of Dreamfall.

Also I was not very impressed by the looks of things before The Secret World was released, but now, after I've been playing it for a month soon, I really like it. More than I thought I would.

I mostly play solo and I feel it pretty much is like a standard RPG, just that you see other players play alongside you. It makes it feel more alive in a way, and is actually of great help when you're stuck on a hard foe. There is almost always anyone who can help out.

So... Even though I would have prefered it as a single mode game in some ways, I also like it as it is in other ways.

I think the main concern is the poor combat rather than it being singleplayer or multiplayer oriented. I still havn't figured out how to bind the keys in order to make combat smooth. I just push wrong keys and trip over my fingers. :p

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unless combat was entirely revamped(what it is now is only tolerable because it's an MMO) no thanks. then again Dreamfall was a single player and combat in that was a joke to the point they shouldn't have even bothered. it's doing fine as an MMO, I wanted to play an ongoing game with these themes/world for too long, not something i'll beat in a few weeks and never play again. we'll see how long it keeps people occupied though once the majority of missions are completed & all skills are learned(or at least a good build mastered). PVP I couldn't care less about, endgame raids would be cool. Epecially from a developer who seems to hate the idea of trash mobs and just focus on bosses.
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Hmm, I think I need to shift opinion, now that I'm done with all quests. Endgame experience is horrible. Would have worked better as regular RPG, indeed. They would have to include tons of new things to do to make this fun from now on.

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Do you agree?

No, SWTOR is a pretty good single player and much like what would be expected of KOTOR3. TSW has to many MMO quests, almost all Tiers are boring go grind mobs type stuff. When I play Skyrim I go dungeon crawl to kill something meaningful. When I play mass effect there is a story to the action and choices, witcher has more MMO type quests but also has a better flow. After playing through TSW, there is little of a coherent story, the main quest is no better than many MMOs and far worse than most MMOs. Then the quests while having interesting dialog have nothing to do with anything most of the time. Not just nonsequitur the quest and quest giver are at odds often but not allays. If it was built the be an RPG from day 1 then yeah would have done OK.