Objective view on The Secret World

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So many fanboys and haters around. Here are my five cents: The secret world is not WoW, it is not GW2 or any other game, it is a niche game for people who like to get involved in a world and enjoy the setting. 1) Do you like immersing storylines and quest that include more than "kill 10 rats" --> buy the game 2) Do you only play pvp or raid and like to grind content asap to get to it? --> don't buy the game Also: a) cash shop is for VANITY b) sub is validated IF you like storyline, they will give MONTHLY updates on quests/areas ++ 15$ for at least 10-20 hour new content per month is actually not that bad c) There are bugs now, some are annoying, but most are gone, and the rest have been promised gone within a short time period. My advice: If you are in doubt; pay the 50$ for the game + 30 day free playtime and test. Don't like it? Quit
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agreed with OP


i love TSW,it is not perfect mmo but it is an awesome mmorpg

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I have been playing this game for about a week and love it so far. I am more into solo gaming, which is probably why this is a game I really enjoy. This game is not boring for sure--it's challenging and intriguing. The most unique MMO I have played to date (out of 5 MMOs).