Calling all Dragons! Art of War needs YOU!

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The Art of War 


''Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?'' 

~Sun Tzu~ 



To say ''We are a group of like-minded individuals'' doesn't really do us justice. 

We're really more like a family of folks with some common interests. 

We're warm, friendly, and always have an extra place at the dinner table for a new addition to the family. 

We feel that everyone should have an equal voice and be as involved as they would like to be. 

We don't have requirements or make demands of our members like most cabals do. 

We just create opportunities for people to seize and to open up more future opportunities. 

We run the gamut of activities from running missions (solo and group), farming signets, runs on dungeons (We even have 30+ members running nightmares). 

PvE aside, we also have a few of the best Dragon PvP combatants... or so we like to think. ;) 

Our doors are open to new players and old veterans alike and we are open for any time zone day and night. 

What we are looking for are more like-minded people to join our growing family. We are fun loving, friendly, rowdy, and sometimes even a bit cheeky with our tongue-n-cheek humor. 


If you are curious to know more about us or are looking to join, just follow the link to our site.


We are currently working on building a stronger and larger community, so we encourage all Dragons to look for us, but especially all of you EU folks out there, looking for a good casual cabal with some hardcore players :)

We hope to see you ingame and/or on the forum!