The Revenge of Shinobi Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Passwords

    Note: All the "(stage) complete" passwords below start you with 99 Shuriken as well.

    Note 2: The "unlimited everything" password starts you without any Ninja Magic or Honors collected.

    Effect Effect
    67MB FNNG VL&Y FWZ5 All Stages Unlocked
    8MJ4 WWCQ KT&L RSW8 All stages unlocked, Unlimited lives, shurikens and magic.
    B26M RNMQ 06M6 7LD3 Bamboo Swamp Complete
    T5MQ 5NZV RXG4 8NM9 Bashira's Ship Complete
    DRZN ZV3X L7M9 20GP Every honor acquired. Every stage unlocked. Unlimited lives, shurikens and magic. - Truner
    8DKD X6N0 &4ZY MMWQ Forgotten Cemetary Complete
    BZ9P 3XTT S3TY HNYZ Miogawa Docks Complete
    Q3TM Y3X0 &N90 XF34 Orchard of Miogawa Complete
    20JK V73L 2M0F C6PK Path to Miogawa Complete
    72RT &4W3 3Z2G G7TD Shinrei's Temple Complete
    QTCZ 5J6G KLG2 3N4M Skip Intermission Scene
    SFZF P7LZ 9BXS C234 Thunder Woods Complete
    H66D 5YWZ 5WVK 92QT Unlock Levels, Level 4 Magic, Ninja Moves

    Contributed by: DeviLord, MadJak91, Mad Monarch Gyl, Truner, confedero