A classic, but not really spectacular game.

User Rating: 6 | The Revenge of Shinobi PS3
It's safe to say that anyone who had a Mega Drive back in the day had Revenge of Shinobi. The game was very popular indeed, but I wonder just how many people actually managed to finish it. The difficulty level is extremely high, and the frequently awkward stage design will having you screaming bloody murder.

Shinobi's master has been killed in Japan, and his girlfriend Naoko has been kidnapped by the Neo Zeed Corporation (the plot of virtually every video game from this era) and it's up to him to traverse 8 stages across Asia and America, wiping out generic bad guys, to get her back. Each stage is broken up into three relatively small segments (2 areas and a boss fight) but trust me...you will lose many, many lives.

It feels very much like the first Streets of Rage, sharing several of the programmers, though if you ever do manage to finish it I can't see any appeal in coming back, as it really is so punishing.

Revenge of Shinobi does stand up as a classic of era regardless of its shortcomings as the graphics and design are very good, especially so early in the 16-bit consoles lifetime. Personally, I prefer the alternate Shinobi sequel Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi.

Graphics A-
Sound B
Gameplay B-
Lasting Appeal C