Worth it for Adventure Gamers!

User Rating: 9 | The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief PC
Don't believe the 5.0 review on this site!

This is the 1st Adventure game that offers REAL thought processes and puzzles that make sense! The story is a good one, and yes, it's only the first part of the story, but at the end of it was craving more!

The graphics are pretty good and the game play is very easy. There are a few glitches like where to walk and camera angles that get a bit annoying, but still worth the try!

Character development is huge here in the beginning of the game. Just like in any TV show or Movie, it helps to understand what people are doing, thinking, and how they interact with one another. This is no different. The way you interact with someone will change how you can interact with another person and so on.

I would have given this game a higher rating, but the camera angles need to be adjusted in spots, but a 9.0 is rather good!