The Powerpuff Girls: Paint the Townsville Green Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Secrets Passwords

    Select the ''Enter Secrets'' option at the main menu and enter the desired code:

    Effect Effect
    RICHARDKIM Access Error Message and Secret Photo
    BILLSGIRLS Access Programmer's Message and Secret Photo
    WUNK Ace Trading Card
    EBSTORE Big Billy Trading Card
    EBONY Black Chemical X Cheat
    POKEYOAKS Blossom Sprite Cheat
    DUSTBOOMER Bonsai Garden Secret Level
    SNIPSFORME Boomer Graphic Cheat
    GOTMETAILS Brick Graphic Cheat
    MOJOJOJO Broccloid Emperor Trading Card
    UTONIUM Bubbles Sprite Cheat
    LIKESNAILS Butch Graphic Cheat
    ROWDYRUFFS Butch Trading Card
    RZONE Fuzzy Lumpkins Trading Card
    TOYSMAGIC Grubber Trading Card
    GRUBBER Grubber Trading Card
    TOYSCIENCE Little Arturo Trading Card
    TARGETPOWR Little Arturo Trading Card
    OCTIEVIL Mayor Graphic Cheat
    FLEETFEET Ms. Keane Trading Card
    SEARSRULES Ms. Keane Trading Card
    GOCIRCUIT Powerpuff Girls Trading Card
    SQUID Snake Trading Card
    BESTBUYPUF Snake Trading Card
    AMOEBABOYS Townsville Dump Trading Card
    KABOOM Unknown
    IFLYINSKY Unlimited Flight
    QUICKENED Unlimited Lives
    RUBIES Unlimited Red Chemical X
    POWERCALL Unlimited Super Attack
    BILLHUDSON Unlock All Trading Cards, Cheats, and Levels
    BEATBRICK Utonium Chateau Secret Level

    Contributed by: djg40, Ryuu Hime, Admodieus, TheProdigy, D Rockk 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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